Instant Handlebars.js book review and giveaway

(I received a review copy of this book.)

Instant Handlebars.js is a well written and organized book with good code samples. Highly recommended.

When starting a new project with a new framework, I often learn just enough to do what I need for that project, but sometimes miss out on more advanced techniques or helpful background information.

Luckily I received a copy of Gabriel Manrick’s Instant Handlebars.js two days after starting just such a new project. Instant Handlebars.js nicely supplemented the basic info I had found online and provide both more background information and advanced techniques that I might have otherwise missed.

Packt Publishing’s Instant series is similar to A Book Apart‘s web design series but for developers: short and to the point with useful information. The instant series provides that information without drowning what you need to know in a sea of pages and pages of data.

Instant Handlebars.js complemented my project without superceding it by doing exactly what it promised, moving from a typical quick start to more in depth features like Expressions, Helpers and Partials with Structuring Your Handlebars App and Precompilation sections for intermediate and advanced readers.

‘Structuring Your Handlebars App’ section includes using Handlbebars with Require.js and provides both theory and code. This leads directly into an in-depth ‘Precompilation’ discussion using Node.js.

Packt Publishing has provided 3 e-copies for a giveaway. Comment on this post to enter. Winners will be randomly chosen December 20th.


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