Buying a car online: dealer scheme not to deliver vehicle

You got such a good deal that we can’t afford to deliver it to you.

We recently found and purchased a truck online. The deal took until late afternoon to complete, but the dealership (based 110 miles away) agreed to deliver the truck. They went so far as to call me stating that they’d be on the road in an hour.

A short time afterwards, they called to tell me that they couldn’t find a driver and that because I got such a good deal on the truck, that they couldn’t afford to hire one to drive the truck to us.

It sounded like BS to me, but my wife had been in a minor accident earlier that day which rendered our only car undriveable and my brother lived near the dealership and had offered to drive to up to me. He had test driven the truck for me earlier that day and was kind enough to deliver the truck to us that night.

As it turned out, the minor accident actually totalled the car, so the very next week we were shopping for a replacement online.

And we found one in New Mexico from a dealership which claims on their website “We deliver to anywhere in New Mexico for free.”

Great. We’re about 1.5 hours from the New Mexico border. I send directions to a truck stop where we’ll meet the delivery. We get close to finalizing the deal, but as you may guess the salesman says, “You got such a good deal that we can’t afford to deliver it to you.”

Now I get it. I offer to abandon the deal saying that I wouldn’t buy from a dealership I couldn’t trust. Suddenly they can deliver the car. And they did, eventually, deliver the car to (the wrong) truck stop just west of the Texas border.

Fair warning. This appears to be a common scheme dealerships use to get an extra few hundred dollars out of buyers. If you’ve had a similar experience, please share it in the comments.


Feature image provided by Lee J. Haywood.


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