Cutting the cable cord.

I cancelled cable television today. My wife and I rarely watch television anymore and when we do, it’s 1 or 2 programs in a sea of channels we never watch.

Between the Apple TV, Redbox, and various iPad apps, we can watch just about anything we’d like. For example, we can purchase an iTunes season pass for Mad Men for half of what we’ll save each month. (The exception being live sporting events. I’ll visit my brother-in-law more often this Fall.)

Besides saving a lot of money, getting rid of the cable box will address my primary frustration with the Apple TV. I hate having to switch inputs when I want to watch a movie or use AirPlay. With no cable box, the Apple TV becomes my primary input. (I hope that Steve Jobs really cracked the TV interface. I’d buy an actual TV or iPanel or whatever it’s going to be called, just to ditch 4 remotes.)

I feel like I just got clean.




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2 thoughts on “Cutting the cable cord.

  1. Having no live sports is a deal breaker for me, sure I could go somewhere else to watch them but I prefer to do it the comfort of my own home. Personally I’ve tried Netflix for streaming but I’ve noticed that it’s mostly stuff I’ve seen before, with no new releases and TV shows are from way to long ago… So once I started to work for DISH I noticed that the packages were surprisingly affordable, there’s even the option to add the Blockbuster@Home for additional streaming and DVD’s by mail. When you cut cords, you also limit yourself to the content that’s available online with no live sports…


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