Changing Cognition

Interesting video in light of Kids’ Cognition Is Changing—Education Will Have to Change With It.

In his YouTube video, Michael Sokil presents a thesis and an ‘argument’. That argument’s not written, but he obviously researched his topic and ‘concentrated’ on it, life-skills noted in the article.

Among the skills they highlighted: public problem-solving through cooperative work — crowdsourcing and the like; the ability to search effectively for information online; the ability to distinguish the quality and veracity of online discoveries; the ability to synthesize, or combine facts and details from different sources into coherent narratives; the ability to concentrate; and the ability to distinguish between the signal and the noise as the information we’re exposed to gets bigger, and broader, and more plentiful.

Eventually, we’ll see many more videos, presentations and later interactive animations than term papers.

And that’s ok.


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